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"We feel J is really coming along now with his speech and we have had so many friends, who we might not have seen for a month or two tell us the same - people are really starting to understand him!! Hurrahrah!"

- LL    

"L is able to communicate effectively now, and that makes an enormous difference to him.  He is settling well at preschool.  Thank you so much for all your help and expertise - it has been a great experience!"

- SJ  

"Z was very excited at the prospect of sitting in the tent and performing activities in there.  It kept him focussed for longer.  He was amazed that he was able to lay on cushions and snuggle up.  There was a huge smile on his face throughout the session."

- LC    

"Your input at an early stage has been very helpful and I still remember a lot of your helpful strategies to improve communication.  I use them on a daily basis and we have made slow but steady progress."

- AR    

"H is chatting a lot and I have had lots of comments from friends and family who have all noticed a difference in his speech.  He has also finally mastered how to say his own name!! Better late than never :)  The w's and h's are coming along and I think his sentences are starting to become clearer as well."

- LB   

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